Dear dog parent,

You are in the right place if:

  • Your dog has an injury or condition that has made it hard for them to be active?

  • You want to help your dog but not sure where to start or what to do?

  • You would like to learn more about what you can do at home to aid in recovery and improve your pup's mobility?

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Welcome to the Virtual Classroom

for LIVING with a DOG with a disability!

We provide supportive learning environment to help you help your dog. You can work independently at your own pace or in a group with others going through similar experiences.

Meet Your Teacher

Canine Rehab Therapist & Inspired Dog Parent

Sarah MacKeigan

Sarah MacKeigan specializes in helping dog parents/owners of dogs with mobility challenges feel empowered and get their dogs moving again. She knows first hand the helplessness one can feel when their dog is injured or diagnosed with a progressive condition that impacts their mobility and has helped many clients online and in person discover how they can help their dogs recover from injuries, adapt to progressive conditions and ultimately lead and active and happy life. Sarah is the founder of Upward Dog Rehab & Wellness, provides educational content to cover 16k followers on Facebook and has created a growing community of over 1600 members inside Living with Dogs with Disabilities Facebook group where she hosts bi-weekly interviews and Q&As with field experts in rehab, mobility devices, and nutrition. Sarah is a licensed physiotherapist in Canada and holds a Diploma in Canine Rehabilitation

The S.A.M. System

Creating a plan


    Having the right help and knowing a little about what your dog's condition/injury.


    Changes in your routine and home environment can make a big difference on the road to recovery!

  • MOVE

    Movement is medicine. Important for longevity and promotes healing. Not all exercise is equal though.